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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Top Ultimate Makeup Guide For a Better Look in a Photo

Let`s face it – most of the women`s efforts in creating a fantastic makeup conception have been entirely oriented to the good appearance in a photo these days. And if females tend to look more casual and natural at work or even at a walk, when the time for going out comes, the idea is to be absolutely stunning in the photos that will be captured. Whether the explanation for this better makeup occasion is influenced by the social webs, or by the increases level of vanity in today`s people in general, it does not matter that much. Because we aren’t here to analyze the newest social changes in woman`s behaviour, but to offer you our assistance in beauty and makeup style improvement. So read our top ultimate makeup guide for a better look in a photo now:

                                                    1.Good preparation is a must

Just like in makeup in general, the ideas for a better look in a makeup introduce the requirement for a good preparation. This includes application of a proper base, cream and moisturizer in advance, so you can easily avoid the annoying shininess effect from those glamorous photos for your Facebook or Instagram photos.

                                                   2.Prefer the matte to the luminous

Things like glowing powders or blushing might only make you too much of sheen type in a photograph, so, when it comes to choosing the foundation or the powder, prefer matte effect than the luminous face.
                                                          3.Choose bold colour ideas

It is a picture after all and remaining in your daily makeup is not the best thing you can do. On the contrary – go for something more original and impressive like green eye shadows, ultra bright lipstick and even bronzed skin with professional products.

                                                       4.Try to make your eyes pop

This will enlarge them on the picture and will additionally put an accent on your sexy look. Opt for black luxury mascara and use eye liners to make the contours on your face more vibrant. Another idea is highlight the look with some radiant and shining makeup product that will attract the camera in a best way!

                                         5.Covering the blemishes is your top priority

If you have any skin problems, then begin with covering them with some nice and effective concealer combined with a good light foundation. Once you succeed hide them away from the camera, you can continue with the particular beautifying approaches like super cool lips or extra seductive eyes with smokey makeup conception either in grey, or in brown shade.

                                                             6.Blush to the max

If you usually avoid putting too much blush on your face, when making your everyday makeup in order to have more porcelain-, but not a baby-doll-like face, then before shooting a picture of yourself, better blush to the max. Otherwise, you will look to pale and ordinary to create any outstanding impressions to the camera!
So, let`s try these tips and make some selfies at home for testing, ok?


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